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The primacy of fermentation created by nature and time

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Brand Story

HATKONGMARU is the brand of fermented sauces produced by JANGHEUNG FOOD.

We used bean, the main ingredient for fermented paste, as an image and expressed the logo in calligraphy to match the traditional image.

HATKONGMARU, the primacy of fermentation created by nature and time, was named by combining ‘HATKONG’, which means newly harvested bean, with ‘MARU’, which means the primacy.



JANGHEUNG HATKONGMARU is the pure soybean paste made by Cheon Jeong Ja,
CEO and soybean paste expert with about 30 years knowhow, in a traditional way.

It is created by only beans, water, salt and the knowhow of CEO, Cheon Jeong Ja.

JANGHEUNG HATKONGMARU is made from Korean beans, raised directly in Gisan village, Jangheung, underground water from Saja mountain in Gisan village, which has the most suitable taste for soybean paste and was found after a year’s exploration, only Sinan sun-dried salt, more than 5 years old and 3 times more expensive than ordinary one.

It is a pure traditional soybean paste that none of synthetic preservatives, pigments, MSG, etc. is used.

The traditional soybean paste is made from boiled genuine bean, so it can bring taste and nutrition out of it,
unlike mass produced ordinary soybean paste, made from defatted soybean(the remainder of soybean oil).
Only the traditional native bean, locally raised in Gisan village, Anyang-myeon, is used for JANGHEUNG HATKONGMARU soybean paste.
Pesticide-free eco-friendly agriculture method, which uses only compost instead of chemical fertilizer, is used.

We use underground water from of Saja Mountain right behind the village.
CEO Cheon decided to settle down in Gisan village of Jangheung where she has no connections in 2011,
because she was fascinated by the taste of water.

Instead of processed salt consisted of only sodium chloride, we use Sinan sun-dried salt containing minerals after removing bitterns more than 5 years.

There are a lots of salt jars in the front yard of JANGHEUNG HATKONGMARU.
We bring salts from Sinan and pour them into salt jars every year, and remove bitterns 5 years.
JANGHEUNG HATKONGMARU soybean paste contains none of preservation additives such as preservative, and salt is responsible not only for taste but also for fresh preservation.